Using Evapotraspiration Rates To Calculate How Much To Water

Evapotraspiration (ETo) rates are handy figures you can use to estimate how long to turn on your sprinklers or drip irrigation. Unfortunately, most guides I’ve see either assume you have a degree in agriculture (and don’t really need instruction), or are completely clueless (so they dumb things down too much).... [Read More]

Overlapping and Nested Clozes

Being able to use overlapping and nested cloze deletions is super useful in a flashcard application. It’s something that I felt was sorely missing from the flashcard applications that I’ve used. [These are overlapping] cloze deletions These are [overlapping cloze deletions] And these are [nested] cloze deletions And these [are... [Read More]

A Separate Taskwarrior Configuration For Ideas

Task warrior has a lot of filtering options, but it’s faster to keep your ideas (or someday/maybes as they call them in Getting Things Done) completely separate. That way, you can see only the tasks you’re actually working on without cluttering up your task list wit the ideas you have... [Read More]

Automate Jekyll Posting With Python In Windows

Why was this so hard!? I just coded a little python script to help automate the process of posting via Jekyll. In case you don’t know what Jekyll is, it’s a ruby application that converts a hand-full of markdown documents into a static website ready for hosting… so you can... [Read More]