The 4 Memory Tests And Their Implications For Flashcard Applications

In a nutshell Rationale Desirable difficulty The four memory tests New material Managing new-material workload ‘Learned’ material Maintaining a lower recall ability Python wordfreq and the zipf score Upon failure Got it wrong (Interference) The confusion card No Clue Ways to test memory in detail Recall Aided Recall Recognition Relearning... [Read More]

Score Nested Cloze Deletions When You Remember The Parent

First read my article about Overlapping and Nested Clozes. If you have nested clozes such as: Cloze 1: In 14[...], Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue (answer: 92) and Cloze 2: In [...], Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue (answer: 1492) Then remembering cloze 2 means that you remembered cloze 1 as... [Read More]

The Case For Multiple Goals

A useful flashcard application would allow users to set different goals for different cards, control the way cards are prioritized during review sessions, and code custom scheduling and prioritizing algorithms. Furthermore, it would be very useful to purposely design the application to allow for experimental data generation and collection if... [Read More]

Overlapping and Nested Clozes

Being able to use overlapping and nested cloze deletions is super useful in a flashcard application. It’s something that I felt was sorely missing from the flashcard applications that I’ve used. [These are overlapping] cloze deletions These are [overlapping cloze deletions] And these are [nested] cloze deletions And these [are... [Read More]

Ideas For A Good Flashcard Or Review Application

These are some ideas I have for creating a usable flashcard program. They are somewhat organized by topic, but not placed in any particular order. This is sort of a brain-dump for me. I wanted to get these idea out of my head and written down. Some of these ideas... [Read More]