This is a handy little script I came up with. It displays the most recently modified Tomboy note. This is helpful if, like me, you make pull up a new Tomboy note for something quick and then accidentally close it by hitting escape or something. Creating a hot-key for this program is faster than clicking on the tray icon and selecting the note again.

import dbus 

#Get the D-Bus session bus
bus = dbus.SessionBus()
#Access the Tombox D-Bus object
obj = bus.get_object("org.gnome.Tomboy","/org/gnome/Tomboy/RemoteControl")
# Access the Tomboy remote control interface
tomboy = dbus.Interface(obj, "org.gnome.Tomboy.RemoteControl")

#Get all notes
allNotes = tomboy.ListAllNotes()

notes = {}
#loop through notes
for note in allNotes:
    tags = tomboy.GetTagsForNote(note)
    if all(u'system:template' not in t for t in tags): #weed out templates
        changeDate = int(tomboy.GetNoteChangeDate(note))
        notes[changeDate] = note

keys = sorted(notes.items(), reverse=True)