Overlapping and Nested Clozes

Being able to use overlapping and nested cloze deletions is super useful in a flashcard application. It’s something that I felt was sorely missing from the flashcard applications that I’ve used. [These are overlapping] cloze deletions These are [overlapping cloze deletions] And these are [nested] cloze deletions And these [are... [Read More]

Self-Destructing Emails With Not-Much Mail

I use offlineimap + not-much mail + astroid to handle my email and I wanted a way to make emails self-destruct after a certain amount of time. Here’s the script I came up with to do that: nmExpire.py #!/usr/bin/python import notmuch import re, datetime from dateutil.relativedelta import relativedelta #from pprint... [Read More]

Put Not-Much Emails To Sleep

I’ve been using not-much mail in combination with offlineimap and astroid (as the front-end) to handle my email. I wanted to implement a very useful function that I use with outlook for my work email: putting emails to sleep for a time and having them wake up automatically. Basically, if... [Read More]