Poorly Named, But Good Anki Addon

Just ran across a reference to this cryptically named addon today: Another Retreat It sets the new interval after a lapse to whatever the interval was before the one that led to a lapse. This is a nice way of solving the problem of finding a decent post-lapse interval. Be... [Read More]
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A Separate Taskwarrior Configuration For Ideas

Task warrior has a lot of filtering options, but it’s faster to keep your ideas (or someday/maybes as they call them in Getting Things Done) completely separate. That way, you can see only the tasks you’re actually working on without cluttering up your task list wit the ideas you have... [Read More]
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Applying Spaced Repetition To Online Course Design

I got a private message from someone who’s developing an online learning platform for an after-school program. The idea is to incorporate spacing techniques in the lessons themselves while incorporating feedback from the student to try to hit an 80-90% success rate (as I advocate elsewhere in this blog). I... [Read More]