Useful Kindle Stats

I use a script to export highlights and notes from my kindle’s My Clippings.txt file to an sqlite3 database. [Read More]

Kindle to Sqlite3

I use a little python script to grab clippings out of my (early model) kindle’s My Clippings.txt file and import them into an sqlite3 database. The clips and notes are in a consistant format, so it’s possible to parse the file with some regular expressions, and a little logic. I... [Read More]

Saving A Game Transcript In Gargoyle

Yeah, so this is sort of embarrassing. I play interactive fiction using Gargoyle every now and then, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way around Gargoyle’s obvious lack of any transcript-export feature. Turns out, you just have to type script into the parser. From then on, all the... [Read More]

Using Evapotraspiration Rates To Calculate How Much To Water

Evapotraspiration (ETo) rates are handy figures you can use to estimate how long to turn on your sprinklers or drip irrigation. Unfortunately, most guides I’ve see either assume you have a degree in agriculture (and don’t really need instruction), or are completely clueless (so they dumb things down too much).... [Read More]
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