Anki - Auto Adjust New Cards per Day to Meet a Deadline

A lot of students use Anki to study for an up-coming exam. And in that case, you want to make sure that you see all the new cards by some arbitrary deadline (leaving ample review time before the exam). Conceptually, it’s easy to adjust the new cards per day setting... [Read More]

Send Firefox Tabs To Another Computer

I right-clicked on one of my tabs in firefox to close all the tabs to the right and noticed an new option. There was an option to send the tab to the firefox running on my other computer. This is super cool/useful.

My Current Anki Deck Settings

In a nutshell Here are the settings I currently use for most of my decks: New Cards Steps: 15 2160 10080 40320 Order: Show new cards in order added New cards/day: varies Graduating Interval: 45 days Easy Interval: 4 days (not used; I don’t use the easy button anymore) Starting... [Read More]
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