In a nutshell

Here are the settings I currently use for most of my decks:

New Cards

  1. Steps: 15 2160 10080 40320
  2. Order: Show new cards in order added
  3. New cards/day: varies
  4. Graduating Interval: 45 days
  5. Easy Interval: 4 days (not used; I don’t use the easy button anymore)
  6. Starting ease: average ease factor of mature cards (ivl > 90 days) in the deck
  7. Bury related new cards until the next day Checked


  1. Maximum reviews/day: varies
  2. Easy bonus: 160% (not used; I don’t use the easy button anymore)
  3. Interval modifier: 100%
  4. Maximum interval: 1825 (5 years; will set higher once I trust my algorithm for adjusting the ease factor)
  5. Bury related reviews until the next day: Checked


  1. Steps: 10
  2. New interval: 75% (adjusted to try to hit 85% success on 1st post-re-learn review)
  3. Minimum interval: 1 day
  4. Leech threshold: 3 lapses
  5. Leech action: Tag Only


Sorry, I’m too tired to explain them all now. Maybe some other time…

  1. Lapse New Interval: See Auto Adjust New Interval After a Lapse
  2. New Algorithm: See Thoughts on Adjusting Anki’s Algorithm
  3. Starting Ease Factor: See Anki’s Starting Ease Factor