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Score Nested Cloze Deletions When You Remember The Parent

First read my article about [Overlapping and Nested Clozes](/anki/learning/code/python/overlapping-clozes.html). If you have nested clozes such as: > Cloze 1: `In 14[...], Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue` (answer: 92) and > Cloze 2: `In [...], Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue` (answer: 1492) Then remembering cloze 2 means that you remembered cloze... [Read More]
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Overlapping and Nested Clozes

Being able to use overlapping and nested cloze deletions is super useful in a flashcard application. It's something that I felt was sorely missing from the flashcard applications that I've used. * [*These are overlapping*] cloze deletions * These are [*overlapping cloze deletions*] * And these are [*nested*] cloze deletions... [Read More]
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Two Short Python Scripts For Tomboy Notes

OK, here are two more scripts I wrote to do useful things with python and Tomboy notes. ## tbclip This first one copies whatever text is currently selected and creates a Tomboy note with it. NB: You must have *xclip* installed. ```python #!/usr/bin/python import sys, dbus, subprocess #Get the D-Bus... [Read More]
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Display Your Most Recent Tomboy Note

This is a handy little script I came up with. It displays the most recently modified Tomboy note. This is helpful if, like me, you make pull up a new Tomboy note for something quick and then accidentally close it by hitting *escape* or something. Creating a hot-key for this... [Read More]

Delete Old Uncategorized Tomboy Notes From Cron

I read an [article]( about using python and dbus to automate some stuff with Tomboy Notes and was inspired to do some coding of my own. ## In a Nutshell Use the code below (and a cron job) to automatically delete Tomboy notes that were last modified more than 30... [Read More]